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A shower of ideas.

I'm a graphic designer graduated to IED in Turin.

My studies and passions are focused on brand Design, UX and VIdeo Editing.

I am a music lover, art and cinema. Each reference is purely coincidental.



Black Market

Croma Costumi 
Branding - Social Media

A project dedicated to the creation of a brand for women's costumes. Creation of the logo, social communication and the costumes themselves



Collection of African legends, tales and poems packaged in a fanzine called Spin-Off. The photos used were taken by Bastiaan Woudt during his trip to Africa

IvreaTronic Festival 
Brand Design 

Ivrea electronic music festival. Logo design, social communication and external environment during the event

Interaction Design

App for bikers who like to time their routes, check their bike stats and share them with friends